Wellness Care

“Wellness” is a word we hear everywhere and it has lost its meaning.

Health according to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary is “a state of mental, physical and social well being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmities.”

Webster’s Dictionary defines health as “a condition of wholeness in which all of the organs are functioning 100% all the time.”

When patients come in after a fall or injury, or with some symptom or pain that they want fixed, that is what I call “Crisis Care”. When a patient understands how their body works and comes in when they are feeling and functioning well, so that they are maintaining their health, that is what I call “Wellness Care”.

Be Aware

One of the ways to tell if your chiropractor is aware of true wellness care is to ask how often they get checked by another chiropractor. When any joint in the body, and especially the spine, is out of alignment (we call it a subluxation) for 7 days, there a permanent chemical changes that take place. This is the start of the degeneration that can lead to arthritis.

Knowing this, all wellness chiropractors will get checked for subluxations at least one time per week. (I didn’t say “get adjusted” because part of the art of chiropractic is to know when and when not to adjust. Just because you get checked, doesn’t mean you need to be adjusted in every area, every time!)

This Takes Time!

Think about going to the gym and working out. Can you go once and get in shape? No, of course not! It takes time to undo the damage that our lifestyle has done to get us back into shape.

So when the muscles and ligaments that hold our spines and body’s together are weak with underuse, the spine is unable to remain stable in the corrected alignment. Remember, it took time to get you to wherever are with your body and it will take some time to correct the issues and get to true wellness!

P.S.- Just so you know, Dr. Geraldine gets checked at least once per week! She never recommends anything she doesn’t also do. (Feel free to ask the staff how often Dr. Geraldine checks them, you might be delighted to hear the answer.)

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