Digital Xray

Save Time And Money

The safety and convenience of our practice members is paramount. That is why we are excited to exclusively use digital radiography for diagnostic care. Digital X-ray for Chiropractics mean no nasty chemicals in the office and a cleaner environment for our practice members.

Digital records of X-rays are also easier to track, manage, and share with other holistic health care professionals. This allows for better patient care and prevents unnecessary diagnostic procedures in the future – saving our patient’s valuable time and money!

Feeling Better!

Digital X-ray for Chiropractics are essential to successful injury diagnosis and healing. Chiropractic care and other treatments are effective because they target the underlying injury, rather than relying on pain medication to cover up an injury’s symptoms.

Thanks to digital X-rays, Dr. Geraldine Mulhall-Wright, is able to precisely diagnose where a spinal subluxation is, that may be the source of your symptoms. There is no wasted time on ineffective treatments that target the wrong part of the body.

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